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Actors with Facial Warts

Lately, I've noticed that the majority of actors have facial warts. It's quite a phenomenon for those who make so much money, not to have them removed! Below is a list of actors with facial warts (moles included). The list would probably be shorter if I listed actors without warts!

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Sam Aaron  Both Cheeks
Christopher Abbott Left Cheek
Paula Abdul Left Cheek
Jake Abel Chin
Jon Abrahams Right Temple
Luis Acevedo Jr. Left Cheek, Forehead
Anabelle Acosta Left Chin
Amy Adams Right Cheek
Patrick Adams Right Eyebrow
Amanda Aday Left Eyebrow
Dennis Adkins Right Cheek
Scott Adkins Left Cheek
Seth Adkins Chin
Ben Affleck Both Cheeks, Upper Lip
Casey Affleck Left Lower Lip
Adewale Agbaje Upper Lip
Francesca Agostini Right Jaw
Betsy Aidem Right Cheek
Jessica Alba Chin
Amanda Alch Right Upper Lip
Ian Alda Right Chin
Brynn Alexander Left Cheek
Jaimie Alexander Right Cheek
Alfie Allen Left Cheek
Brittany Allen Right Cheek
Tim Allen Left Cheek
Corbin Allred Right Cheek
Stephanie Allynne Right Cheek
Hans Altwies Forehead, Right Cheek
Nansi Aluka Right Eye
Robbie Amell Lower Lip
Stephen Amell Lower Lip
Ed Anders Left Cheek
Gillian Anderson Upper Lip
Dennis Andres Right Cheek
David Andrews Forehead, Right Cheek
Michael Angarano Forehead
Catherine Annette Left Cheek
Jasmine Anthony Right Cheek
Celeste Arias Both Cheeks, Chin
Yancey Arias Nose
Adria Arjona Both Cheeks
Francois Arnaud Left Cheek, Forehead, Right Temple
Jeannetta Arnette Right Cheek
Boo Arnold Forehead
Kelsey Asbille Forehead
Katie Aselton Right Cheek
Frank Ashmore Left Cheek, Upper Lip
John Ashton Both Cheeks
Sean Astin Both Cheeks
Aure Atika Right Upper Lip
Kelly Atkinson Right Upper Lip
Dylan Authors Upper Lip
Ana Ayora Right Cheek
Alicja Bachleda Left Temple, Left Jaw
George Back Left Chin
Tim Bagley Right Cheek
Zahary Baharov Left Cheek, Nose
Liane Balaban Right Cheek
Charles Baker Left Cheek
Adam Baldwin Left Cheek
Alec Baldwin Left Cheek
Stephen Baldwin Right Upper Lip
William Baldwin Right Cheek
Christian Bale Right Eye
Fairuza Balk Right Cheek
Ella Ballentine Left Eye
Talia Balsam Right Cheek
David Banks Right Cheek
Jonathan Banks Left Cheek, Right Eyebrow
Christine Baranski Left Cheek
Jonathan Baron Chin
Simon Barrett Upper Lip, Chin
Mia Barron Left Cheek
Amanda Barton Left Cheek
Caleb Barwick Left Cheek
Alexander Le Bas Left Cheek
George Basil Left Eyebrow
Natasha Bassett Right Cheek, Forehead
Jason Bateman Left Cheek
Mikaal Bates Left Cheek, Forehead
Vanessa Bayer Left Cheek
Lindsay Beamish Both Cheeks, Chin, Upper Lip
Stephanie Beatriz Right Cheek
Madisen Beaty Left Cheek
Mallory Bechtel Right Cheek
Owen Beckman Left Cheek, Left Temple
William Beckwith Nose
Ed Begley Jr. Left Chin
Jordan Belfi Right Cheek
Zoe Belkin Left Cheek
Emma Bell Right Cheek
Jamie Bell Left Cheek
Kristen Bell Left Eye
Lake Bell Right Cheek
Troian Bellisario Left Cheek
Tyler Bellmon Chin
Gil Bellows Left Cheek
Marina Benedict Left Jaw
Julia Benson Right Cheek
Zephyr Benson Right Cheek
Julie Benz Left Eye
Nina Bergman Left Jaw, Right Eyebrow
Xander Berkeley Left Chin
Steven Berkoff Center Forehead, Chin
Kate Berlant Upper Lip, Chin
Emily Berrington Top Forehead
Brad Beyer Left Cheek, Upper Lip
John Bianco Right Cheek
Jessica Biel Left Chin
Christopher Biewer Right Chin
Jason Biggs Left Cheek
Laura Bilgeri Upper Lip, Chin
Juliette Binoche Right Cheek
Kerry Bishe Right Cheek
Joel Bishop Left Cheek
Todd Bjurstrom Both Cheeks
Jack Black Left Lower Eyelid
Josiah Black Between Eyebrows
Tammy Blanchard Upper Lip, Right Nostril
Alexis Bledel Right Cheek, Chin
Suziey Block Upper Lip
Moon Bloodgood Right Cheek
Nichole Bloom Forehead
Callum Blue Right Cheek
Andrzej Blumenfeld Center Forehead
Jonah Bobo Chin
Nadja Bobyleva Left Cheek, Chin
Dominic Bogart Forehead
Luke Bonczyk Left Cheek
Angelo Bonsignore Nose Bridge
Kristy Boone Chin, Left Eyebrow
Joseph Booton Right Cheek
Andrew Borba Upper Lip
Kyle Bornheimer Forehead, Left Nostril
Jesse Borrego Left Cheek
Devon Bostick Both Cheeks, Forehead
Linda Boston Left Cheek
Rachel Boston Upper Lip
Kate Bosworth Upper Lip
P.J. Boudousque Right Cheek
Agathe De La Boulaye Left Upper Lip
Will Bouvier Left Eyebrow
Luke Bracey Between Eyebrows
Johanna Braddy Left Cheek
Kenneth Branagh Chin
Benjamin Bratt Right Cheek
Josh Brener Chin
Elias Brett Both Cheeks
Robert Breuler Forehead
Cameron Bright Left Cheek
Will Brill Right Cheek
Carlena Britch Both Cheeks
Chris Brochu Both Cheeks
Matthew Broderick Right Cheek
Eden Brolin Chin
Melanie Brown Chin
Reb Brown Both Cheeks
Vanessa Broze Right Cheek
Justin Bruening Right Cheek
Daniel Bruhl Right Cheek, Nose, Chin
Hannah Bryan Right Temple
Shea Buckner Both Cheeks
Philip Bulcock Upper Lip
Lindsay Burdge Between Eyebrows
Max Burkholder Right Cheek
Mark Burnham Lower Lip
James Burns Both Cheeks
Kate Burton Right Cheek
Jake Busey Right Cheek
Sophia Bush Right Cheek
Sarah Butler Right Cheek
Yancy Butler Left Jaw
Sid Caesar Left Cheek
R.D. Call Right Cheek
Bill Camp Chin
Colleen Camp Upper Lip
Bruce Campbell Right Cheek
Darrel Campbell Left Cheek
Larry Campbell Between Eyes, Both Cheeks
Mario Cantone Right Cheek
Gianni Capaldi Both Cheeks, Upper Lip
Matt Caplan Both Cheeks
Raffaela Capp Forehead
Catherine Carlen Chin
Caitlin Carmichael Chin
Lisa Caruk Chin
Andrew Casanova Right Cheek
Kate Castillo Upper Lip
Kim Cattrall Left Lower Lip
Jim Caviezel Left Cheek
Larry Cedar Left Cheek
Paul Chahidi Chin
Carly Chaikin Left Cheek
Gemma Chan Upper Lip, Chin
Kyle Chandler Right Cheek
Josh Charles Chin
Bailey Chase Both Cheeks, Upper Lip
Hong Chau Both Eyebrows
Michael Chernus Forehead
Jeremy Childs Right Eyebrow
John Cho Forehead
Joe Chrest Right Cheek
Hayden Christensen Chin
Cody Christian Left Cheek
Tyler Christopher Right Cheek
Candy Clark Left Cheek
Jason Clarke Left Cheek
Christopher Clawson Right Cheek
Bob Clendenin Chin
Will Clinger Left Cheek
Glenn Close Right Jaw
Linzey Cocker Below Right Eye
Lauren Cohan Left Cheek
Enrico Colantoni Right Cheek
Jack Coleman Both Cheeks, Nose
Stephen Collins Left Cheek
Jeffrey Combs Upper Lip
Barbara Condon Upper Lip
Jack Conley Right Cheek
Kelly Connaire Left Cheek
Jennifer Connelly Upper Lip
Billy Connolly Forehead
Amber Connor Left Cheek
Frances Conroy Right Jaw
Josh Cooke Right Cheek
Chris Cooper Right Cheek
Kyle Cooper Chin
Antonio Corbo Left Eye
Annie Corley Upper Lip
Abbie Cornish Upper Lip, Left Cheek, Left Temple
Rebecca Da Costa Forehead, Lower Lip
Kevin Costner Right Cheek
Marion Cotillard Center of Forehead
Jason Cottle Left Cheek, Nose
Stephanie Courtney Right Upper Lip
Nikki Cox Left Cheek
Steve Cozart Left Cheek, Lower Lip
Alex Cranmer Left Cheek
Bryan Cranston Left Cheek
Clayne Crawford Both Cheeks
Zach Cregger Right Cheek
Chelsey Crisp Left Cheek
Parker Croft Left Cheek
Van Crosby Lower Lip
Kendall Cross Left Temple
Randy Crowder Right Cheek
Russell Crowe Both Cheeks, Between Eyes
Tom Cruise Left Cheek
Marton Csokas Right Cheek
Michael Cudlitz Both Cheeks
Kieran Culkin Right Cheek
Brett Cullen Chin
Kaitlin Cullum Upper Lip
Benedict Cumberbatch Above Left Eyebrow
Colin Cunningham Both Cheeks
Danica Curcic Left Cheek, Chin
Bernard Curry Right Cheek
Christopher Curry Right Cheek, Right Temple
Olivia d'Abo Left Cheek
Nicholas D'Agosto Left Upper Lip
Werner Daehn Left Upper Lip
Sarah Dale Left Cheek
Daniel Dambroff Right Cheek
Jean-Claude Van Damme Right Cheek
Matt Damon Upper Lip, Left Temple
Charles Dance Upper Lip
Gary Daniels Left Cheek
Jeff Daniels Left Cheek, Between Eyes
Michael David Right Cheek
Geena Davis Left Cheek
Jason Davis Left Cheek
Alexandria DeBerry Right Jaw
Brooklyn Decker Left Cheek
Gerry Dee Left Cheek
Ellen DeGeneres Chin
Sydney Van Delft Left Cheek, Right Eye
Alycia Delmore Upper Lip, Nose
William DeMeo Right Temple
Jeffrey DeMunn Center of Forehead
Judi Dench Center of Forehead
Brian Dennehy Both Cheeks, Forehead
Elizabeth Dennehy Right Cheek, Chin
Kat Dennings Both Cheeks, Chin
Francesca Derosa Left Cheek, Chin
Sean Derry Right Cheek
Shelly Desai Right Cheek
Danny DeVito Left Cheek, Upper Lip
Romi Dias Upper Lip
Dale Dickey Right Cheek
Vin Diesel Forehead, Left Temple
Julia Dietze Right Upper Lip
Asia Dillon Right Cheek, Right Jaw
Matt Dillon Left Cheek, Both Temples
Rachelle Dimaria Chin
Cameron Diskin Left Cheek
Angela Dixon Chin
Shannen Doherty Right Cheek
Jason Dohring Forehead
Vincent D'Onofrio Both Cheeks, Forehead
Kether Donohue Upper Lip
Lyndsey Doolen Chin
Natalie Dormer Right Cheek
Bradley Dorsey Right Cheek
Katie Douglas Forehead
Michael Douglas Right Cheek
Ann Dowd Left Cheek
Penny Downie Right Cheek
Sarah Drew Right Cheek, Forehead
Adam Driver Both Cheeks, Forehead
David Duchovny Right Cheek
Susan Duerden Chin
Patrick Duffy Right Cheek
Dennis Dugan Right Cheek
Augie Duke Left Cheek
Ilvi Dulack Left Cheek, Upper Lip
Christopher Duncan Left Cheek, Chin
Merrin Dungey Chin
Trieste Dunn Left Cheek
Griffin Dunne Left Cheek
Alesandra Durham Right Cheek
Eliza Dushku Right Cheek, Upper Lip
Devin Eash Both Cheeks
Rodney Eastman Both Cheeks
Clint Eastwood Right Upper Lip
Scott Eastwood Chin
Gabriel Ebert Left Cheek, Nose,  Chin
Christopher Eccleston Right Cheek
Veronica Echegui Between Eyes, Upper Lip
Aaron Eckhart Both Cheeks
Claire Edna Right Cheek
Brett Edwards Right Temple
John Edwards Left Eyebrow, Left Cheek
Roger Edwards Left Jaw
Jennifer Ehle Upper Lip
Alden Ehrenreich Right Cheek, Lower Lip
Ansel Elgort Chin
Mary Ellis Left Eyebrow, Right Cheek
Cary Elwes Left Cheek, Chin
Michael Emerson Left Cheek
Linda Emond Right Bridge of Nose
Anna Enger Left Upper Lip
Mireille Enos Left Jaw
Maya Erskine Left Cheek
Ben Esler Left Jaw
Christine Evangelista Forehead
Chris Evans Right Cheek
Troy Evans Left Temple
Dylan Everett Upper Lip
Briana Evigan Right Cheek
Donald Faison Upper Lip
Frankie Faison Beside Left Eye
Elle Fanning Right Cheek, Forehead
Anna Faris Left Cheek
Sean Faris Right Upper Lip
Taissa Farmiga Left Cheek
Colin Farrell Left Cheek
Kandis Fay Left Cheek
Sherilyn Fenn Left Temple
Lesley Fera Right Eye
Adam Ferrara Right Cheek
Sky Ferreira Right Cheek
Miguel Ferrer Both Cheeks
Nathan Ferrier Left Cheek
Louis Ferrigno Jr. Right Temple
Larry Fessenden Right Cheek, Forehead
William Fichtner Right Cheek
Ralph Fiennes Left Temple
Hannah Fierman Left Temple
Tama Filianga Left Cheek
Colin Firth Upper Lip
Stephanie Fischer Right Cheek
Laurence Fishburne Forehead
Willa Fitzgerald Below Right Eye
Maureen Flannigan Right Cheek
Patrick Flueger Left Cheek
Neil Flynn Right Cheek
Pierson Fode Right Cheek
Caleb Foote Right Eye
Michelle Forbes Right Lower Lip
Faith Ford Upper Lip
Tyler Forrest Left Cheek
Ben Foster Left Cheek
Sara Foster Right Cheek
Matthew Fox Left Cheek
Jeff Foxworthy Left Cheek
Dave Franco Left Cheek
Brendan Fraser Upper Lip, Nose
Cassidy Freeman Left Cheek
David Freiburger Both Cheeks
Miranda Frigon Upper Lip
Lindsay Frost Both Cheeks
Patrick Fugit Right Cheek, Right Eyebrow
Nolan Funk Left Cheek, Upper Lip
Edward Furlong Right Temple
Sabina Gadecki Right Eye
Gal Gadot Right Cheek, Forehead
Michael Gaglio  Both Cheeks
Mike Gainey Forehead, Left Cheek
John Gallagher Both Cheeks
Reynaldo Gallegos Left Upper Lip
Allie Gallerani Upper Lip, Chin, Left Temple
Mo Gallini Right Nose Bridge
Sean Galuszka Left Cheek
Victor Garber Right Cheek
Hunter Garner Left Cheek
Teri Garr Left Cheek
Luis Gatica Right Cheek
Jackelyn Gauci Right Cheek
Rebecca Gayheart Left Cheek
Devon Gearhart Right Jaw
Troy Gentile Right Cheek
Brian Geraghty Right Cheek
Richard Gere Forehead
Greta Gerwig Both Cheeks, Left Temple
Louis Giambalvo Left Temple, Nose
Thomas Gibson Right Cheek
Samuel Gilbert Right Cheek
Sara Gilbert Upper Lip
Alexie Gilmore Right Cheek
Peri Gilpin Right Cheek
Lindsey Ginter Right Cheek
Deb Girdler Chin
Tonya Glanz Upper Lip
Kiara Glasco Right Cheek
Jon Glaser Left Cheek
Lola Glaudini Right Cheek
Richard Gleason Left Cheek
Brendan Gleeson Right Cheek
Domhnall Gleeson Right Cheek
Jeff Goldblum Chin
Nicholas Gonzalez Right Cheek, Chin
Cuba Gooding Jr. In Front of Left Ear
Lisa Goodman Left Cheek
Jeananne Goossen Left Cheek
Michael Gor Forehead
Alicia Goranson Right Eye
Don Gordon Left Cheek
Sara Gorsky Upper Lip
Ryan Gosling Left Temple
Mark Gosselaar Left Cheek, Between Eyebrows
Louis Gossett Jr. Right Temple
Christopher Grace Beside Left Nostril
Heather Graham Forehead
Spencer Grammer Right Cheek, Left Eyebrow
Andrea Grano Upper Lip
Brea Grant Nose
Craig Grant Right Eyebrow
Hugh Grant Middle Chin
Jacque Gray Upper Lip
Rae Gray Right Cheek
Harriet Green Upper Lip
Logan Green Center Forehead
Seth Green Left Cheek
Tom Green Both Cheeks, Upper Lip
Max Greenfield Both Cheeks
Kate Greenhouse Upper Lip, Left Eye
Bruce Greenwood Left Cheek
Leo Gregory Both Cheeks
David Grier Nose, Upper Lip
Lucy Griffiths Right Lower Lip
Sylvester Groth Right Cheek, Chin, Forehead
David Grovic Upper Lip
Olivier Gruner Both Cheeks
Rene Gube Upper Lip
Kimberly Guerrero Between Eyes, Right Cheek
Patty Guggenheim Forehead
Carla Gugino Chin, Left Temple
Grace Gummer Upper Lip, Chin
Mamie Gummer Left Cheek, Chin, Right Eye
Anna Gunn Right Jaw
Luis Guzman Left Cheek
Jake Gyllenhaal Upper Lip
Maggie Gyllenhaal Left Cheek, Left Jaw
Allen Hackley Right Chin
Tiffany Haddish Right Cheek
Kristen Hager Left Cheek
Garrick Hagon Left Cheek
Ron Hale Forehead, Left Cheek
Jaclyn Hales Both Cheeks, Left Nostril
Bug Hall Left Cheek
Michael Hall Both Cheeks
Vickie Hall Right Cheek, Left Temple
Mark Hamill Left Cheek, Lower Lip
George Hamilton Right Cheek
Emily Hampshire Left Temple
Woody Harrelson Right Cheek
Danielle Harris Left Cheek
Ed Harris Upper Lip
Jamie Harris Both Cheeks, Forehead, Upper Lip
Keith Harris Chin
Rachael Harris Lower Lip
Sean Harris Left Cheek
Corey Harrison Left Cheek
Hassie Harrison Right Cheek
Michael Harrison Both Cheeks, Forehead, Nose
Jamie Harrold Left Cheek
Justin Hartley Left Cheek
Mariette Hartley Right Cheek
Anne Hathaway Left Temple
Gabrielle Haugh Upper Lip
Micah Hauptman Right Cheek
Randall Havens Right Cheek
Ethan Hawke Right Cheek
Goldie Hawn Right Upper Lip
Sarah Hay Lower Lip, Forehead
Hana Hayes Right Cheek
Rebecca Hazlewood Left Cheek
Lena Headey Right Cheek
Anthony Heald Left Cheek
Austin Hebert Right Cheek
Kevin Heffernan Left Cheek
Katherine Heigl Left Cheek, Upper Lip
Ed Helms Both Cheeks
Adam Hendershott Right Cheek
Josh Henderson Left Cheek
Eleonore Hendricks Left Cheek
Ely Henry Left Cheek
Natasha Henstridge Left Cheek
Howard Hesseman Left Cheek
Sam Heughan Left Cheek, Forehead
Eve Hewson Left Cheek, Right Temple
Lily Hex Upper Lip
John Hickey Left Cheek
John Higgins Left Cheek
Jordan Hinson Right Jaw
Leslie Hippensteel Right Cheek
Emile Hirsch Left Cheek
Judd Hirsch Both Cheeks
Jessy Hodges Left Cheek
Arielle Hoffman Left Cheek, Lower Lip
Tom Holland Right Cheek, Chin
Willa Holland Right Cheek, Upper Lip
Josh Holloway Left Cheek, Forehead
Emily Holmes Chin
Jack Holmes Left Cheek
Katie Holmes Left Cheek, Forehead
Pete Holmes Both Cheeks, Chin
John Hoogenakker Left Temple
Neil Hopkins Upper Lip, Right Temple
Sharon Horgan Right Cheek
Bradley Horne Left Cheek
Olivia Horton Right Cheek
Nicholas Hoult Right Chin
Clint Howard Left Cheek
Rance Howard Left Cheek
Ron Howard Left Cheek
Haley Hudson Left  Chin
Leah Huebner Right Upper Lip
Charlie Hunnam Left Upper Lip
Bonnie Hunt Beside Left Eye
Melissa Hunter Chin
John Hurt Right Chin
Jonathan Hyde Base of Left Nostril
Celia Imrie Nose
Michael Ironside Left Jaw
Mark Irvingsen Both Cheeks, Forehead
Jennifer Irwin Right Chin
Sergiu Iva Between Eyes
Tina Ivlev Upper Lip
Lorenza Izzo Right Cheek, Upper Lip
Tom Jackson Left Cheek
Gillian Jacobs Upper Lip
Stephanie Jacobsen Right Upper Lip
Jasmine Jade Left Cheek, Chin
Brian James Both Cheeks, Forehead
Pell James Both Cheeks, Chin
Kay Jaz Chin
David Jenkins Right Cheek
Ken Jenkins Right Cheek
Vicky Jeudy Right Cheek
Scarlett Johansson Right Cheek
Brian Johnson Left Cheek
Jeffrey Johnson Left Cheek
Keean Johnson Below Right Eye
Lia Johnson Upper Lip
Tyler Johnston Left Cheek
Angelina Jolie Forehead
Ericson Just Both Cheeks, Chin
Chelsea Kane Right Chin
Vincent Kartheiser Left Chin
Cameron Kauffman Right Cheek
Tommy Kavelin Right Cheek
Monica Keena Left Chin
Catherine Keener Right Cheek, Chin
Harvey Keitel Both Cheeks
Sylva Kelegian Left Cheek
Christopher Kelly Both Cheeks, Forehead
Martha Kelly Left Cheek
Will Kemp Both Cheeks, Between Eyes
Alexis Kendra Left Cheek
Peyton Kennedy Right Jaw
Leila Kenzle Left Lower Lip
Barry Keoghan Right Jaw
Jack Kesy Left Cheek
Jacqueline Kim Left Chin
Caitlin Kimball Upper Lip
Richard Kind Left Cheek
Allison King Chin
Ben Kingsley Forehead
Jemima Kirke Between Eyebrows
Taylor Kitsch Right Cheek
Diego Klattenhoff Left Upper Lip
Sean Kleier Right Cheek
Kevin Kline Left Cheek
Rebekah Kochan Left Cheek
Walter Koenig Left Cheek
Warren Kole Left Cheek
Adam Kolozsvari Left Corner of Mouth
Ben Konigsberg Upper Lip
Clare Kramer Left Eyebrow
Fran Kranz Chin
Louisa Krause Left Cheek
Zoe Kravitz Chin
Kasha Kropinski Left Upper Lip
Alex Ladove Chin
Avi Lake Left Cheek
Lorenzo Lamas Left Jaw
David Lambert Both Cheeks
Michael Landes Left Cheek
Heather Langenkamp Both Cheeks
Allison Langer Left Cheek
Andrew Langton Left Temple
Matt Lanter Right Cheek
Brie Larson Left Cheek
Sanaa Lathan Base of Left Nostril
Hope Lauren Forehead, Chin
Jude Law Left Cheek
Jennifer Lawrence Both Jaws
Ana Layevska Left Jaw, Upper Lip
Paul Lazar Left Cheek
Cung Le Left Upper Lip
Jason Lee Nose
John Lee Left Cheek, Forehead
Jully Lee Right Cheek
Joshua Leonard Right Cheek
Megan Leonard Right Upper Lip
Zachary Levi Forehead
Dan Levy Chin
Jason Lewis Left Cheek
Anders Lie Chin
Ali Liebert Left Cheek, Right Eye
Lianna Liew Below Right Eye
Sarah Lind Right Cheek
Hamish Linklater Right Cheek
Cody Linley Right Cheek
David Linski Left Temple, Upper Lip
Tom Lipinski Chin
Steve Little Both Cheeks, Forehead
Blake Lively Right Cheek

Christopher Lloyd

Right Cheek

John Lloyd Right Jaw, Upper Lip
Joy Lofton Right Eyebrow
Justin Long Right Jaw
Jeff Lorch Left Cheek, Forehead
Crystal Lowe Forehead
Chris Lowell Both Cheeks
Josh Lucas Right Cheek
Jamie Luner Chin
Kellan Lutz Left Temple
Ken Lyle Right Cheek
Jane Lynch Between Eyes, Chin
Kelly Lynch Left Cheek
Tzi Ma Left Eyebrow
Eric Mabius Left Jaw
Angus Macfadyen Left Temple
Carrie MacLemore Right Cheek
Roma Maffia Right Eye, Chin
Billy Magnussen Left Jaw
Tobey Maguire Both Cheeks
Derek Magyar Right Cheek, Forehead
Bill Maher Left Upper Lip
Joshua Malina Left Cheek
John Malkovich Right Cheek, Chin
Tom Malloy Both Cheeks
Zosia Mamet Left Cheek
Haley Mancini Right Lower Lip
Camryn Manheim Right Cheek, Lower Lip
Robert Mann Both Cheeks, Chin, Forehead
Kate Mara Bridge of Nose, Left Temple
Mary Mara Left Eyebrow
Rooney Mara Right Jaw, Left Cheek, Chin
Quentin Mare Chin
Ken Marino Right Cheek
Tracy Marrow Right Cheek
Lyndsey Marshal Right Eye
Celina Martin Both Cheeks
Chris Martin Right Cheek
Demetri Martin Right Cheek
Hallie Martin Left Cheek, Upper Lip
Jaz Martin Left Lower Lip
Stacy Martin Left Cheek
Eric Martinez Left Eyebrow
Tatiana Maslany Right Cheek
Jordan Masterson Left Cheek
Mary Masterson Chin
Manon Mathews Right Cheek
Giles Matthey Right Jaw
Kim Matula Both Cheeks, Both Temples
Jefferson Mays Between Eyebrows
Rachel McAdams Left Cheek, Chin
Jenn McAllister Left Cheek
Jenny McCarthy Both Cheeks, Chin
Eric McCormack Right Cheek
Mary McCormack Left Cheek, Chin
Reis McCormick Both Cheeks
Rob McElhenney Left Cheek
Amy McFadden Left Cheek
Michael McGrady Right Cheek
Tim McGraw Upper Lip
Ewan McGregor Center Forehead
Joel McHale Forehead
Kate McKinnon Right Eye
Michaela McManus Left Cheek
Shane McRae Lower Right Eye
Colm Meaney Upper Lip, Right Cheek
Matthew Meese Chin
Dove Meir Left Cheek, Right Temple, Chin
Rachel Melvin Left Cheek
Eva Mendes Left Cheek
Aurelie Meriel Right Cheek
Kaiwi Mersereau Right Nostril
Jason Mewes Left Eyebrow, Left Cheek
Genia Michaela Right Upper Lip
Aly Michalka Upper Lip
Thomas Middleditch Right Cheek
Matt Mider Upper Lip
Amber Midthunder Right Eye, Left Forehead
Katerina Mikailenko Left Cheek
Alyssa Milano Right Jaw
Ben Miles Chin
Michael Milhoan Left Cheek
Marilyn Milian Lower Left Cheek
Cristin Milioti Upper Lip
Gabrielle Miller Chin
Kristen Miller Upper Lip
Tarrin Miller Right Cheek
Wentworth Miller Left Temple
Joseph Millson Right Cheek
Max Minghella Right Cheek
Helen Mirren Both Cheeks
Penelope Mitchell Chin
Radha Mitchell Nose, Left Temple
Seth Mitchell Left Cheek
Tobin Mitnick Left Eye
Rhona Mitra Chin
Sean Modica Right Cheek
Chris Moir Right Cheek
Fana Mokoena Left Cheek
Lauren Molina Left Cheek
Dominic Monaghan Upper Lip
Daniel Moncada Both Cheeks
Luis Moncada Left Cheek
Carlotta Montanari Left Eye
Demi Moore Right Jaw
Ryan Moore Chin
Brit Morgan Both Cheeks
Trevor Morgan Right Cheek
Michael Moriarty Left Cheek
Okezie Morro Left Jaw
Glenn Morshower Both Cheeks
Joe Morton Left Cheek
Lise Moule Right Cheek
Patrick Muldoon Right Cheek
Chris Mulkey Upper Lip, Left Temple
Carey Mulligan Lower Lip
Cynthia Murell Right Cheek
Thomas Murphy Right Cheek
Michael Nardone Left Cheek
Rami Nasr Right Cheek
Sam Neill Right Cheek
Eric Nelsen Right Temple
Judd Nelson Left Nostril
Joe Nemmers Right Cheek
Jaime Newball Right Eyebrow, Upper Lip
Michael Newcomer Left Cheek
Joanna Newsom Left Cheek, Lower Lip
Brooke Newton Upper Lip, Right Cheek
Matthew Newton Left Eyebrow
Thandie Newton Right Cheek
Cheryl Nichols Right Cheek
Rachel Nichols Right Lower Eyelid
Shi Ne Nielson Upper Lip
Merab Ninidze Forehead
Robert De Niro Right Cheek, Forehead
Michelle Nolden Right Cheek
Dean Norris Left Temple
Michael Northey Right Cheek
Edward Norton Right Cheek Above Chin
Bojana Novakovic Left Cheek
Bruce Nozick Both Cheeks
Bill Oberst Jr. Left Upper Lip
Dylan O'Brien Both Cheeks, Forehead
Mike O'Brien Left Cheek
Brian O'Byrne Both Cheeks, Forehead
Jack O'Connell Right Upper Lip
Frances O'Connor Right Cheek
Nick Offerman Left Cheek
Bri Oglu Right Cheek
Sarah Oh Right Cheek, Chin
David Ojalvo Left Cheek
Craig Olejnik Left Cheek, Right Temple
Leo Oliva Both Cheeks, Forehead
Dawn Olivieri Right Cheek
America Olivo Right Chin
Tony Oller Forehead
Elizabeth Olsen Both Cheeks
James Olson Right Cheek
Timothy Olyphant Left Eye
Timothy Omundson Chin
Michael O'Neill Right Cheek
Lauren O'Quinn Upper Lip
Melissa Ordway Left Cheek
Oksana Orlan Right Cheek
Kent Osborne Forehead, Nose
Marie Osmond Left Eye
Patton Oswalt Right Cheek
Peter Outerbridge Chin
Adrianne Palicki Between Eyebrows, Chin
Marianna Palka Right Cheek, Chin
Aleksa Palladino Chin
Cortney Palm Left Cheek
Carl Palmer Both Cheeks
Chazz Palminteri Right Jaw
Gwyneth Paltrow Left Forehead
Michael Papajohn Left Cheek
Louis Pappas Right Cheek, Forehead
Kip Pardue Right Cheek
Jessica Pare Both Cheeks
Michael Pare Left Temple
Dave Parke Both Cheeks
Jamie Parker Chin
Molly Parker Left Cheek, Upper Lip
Sarah Parker Left Cheek
Chris Parnell Upper Lip
Leslie Parrish Chin
Jim Parsons Left Cheek
Dolly Parton Lower Lip
Stivi Paskoski Upper Lip
Steven Pasquale Left Cheek
Elsa Pataky Upper Lip
Jason Patric Left Cheek
Robert Patrick Chin
Will Patton Forehead
Carla Pauli Upper Lip
Velislav Pavlov Right Temple
Sara Paxton Both Cheeks, Left Temple
Ciera Payton Left Upper Lip
Guy Pearce Chin
Mario Van Peebles Both Cheeks
Mark Pellegrino Both Cheeks
Johnny Pemberton Left Cheek
Lauren Pennington Chin
Brooke Peoples Right Eyebrow
Barry Pepper Left Cheek
Missy Peregrym Chin
Sarah Perles Both Cheeks, Left Eyebrow
Robert Peters Right Cheek
Amy Peterson Left Cheek
Dan Petronijevic Left Cheek
Alex Pettyfer Nose
Ori Pfeffer Right Cheek
Busy Philipps Both Cheeks
Gina Philips Left Cheek
Anna Phillips Right Cheek, Right Eyebrow
Tiffany Phillips Forehead
Joaquin Phoenix Right Cheek
Vincent Piazza Chin
Eleanore Pienta Right Cheek, Left Temple
Sasha Pieterse Right Cheek
Chris Pine Right Upper Lip, Left Cheek
John Pirkis Forehead
Valerie Planche Chin
Charlie Plummer Left Cheek, Right Jaw
Pierre Png Right Cheek
Mike Pniewski Chin, Forehead, Left Cheek
Bill Poague Right Cheek
Amy Poehler Right Cheek
Clemence Poesy Both Cheeks
Jon Polito Forehead
Mischa Pollack Left Cheek
Imogen Poots Right Cheek, Upper Lip
Scott Porter Beside Left Eye
Natalie Portman Both Cheeks
Elika Portnoy Right Eyebrow
Parker Posey Left Cheek
Tyler Posey Right Cheek, Chin
Keith Poulson Left Cheek
Susan Pourfar Right Cheek, Right Temple
Gary Poux Left Cheek
Brittney Powell Right Cheek
Bel Powley Left Cheek
Chris Pratt Left Cheek, Left Temple
Nikki Preston Chin
Ted Prior Right Cheek
Greg Proops Right Cheek, Upper Lip, Forehead
Lindsay Pulsipher Left Eye
James Purefoy Right Cheek
Randy Quaid Right Cheek
Simon Quarterman Right Cheek
Abby Quinn Lower Lip
Tabitha Quitman Right Cheek
Celestine Rae Right Cheek
Anand Rajaram Right Cheek
Leven Rambin Right Jaw
Anessa Ramsey Left Upper Lip, Forehead
Noomi Rapace Left Eyebrow
David Rasche Left Cheek
Alexia Rasmussen Right Temple
Jackson Rathbone Right Cheek
Gugu Raw Upper Lip
Caroline Redekopp Chin
Robert Redford Right Upper Lip
Christopher Redman Right Cheek, Chin
Nikki Reed Right Upper Lip
Norman Reedus Left Cheek
Jed Rees Left Cheek
Jeremy Renner Both Cheeks
Giovanni Ribisi Left Temple
Gigi Rice Left Upper Lip
Adrianne Richards Chin
Jen Richards Left Cheek
Derek Richardson Upper Lip
Nicole Richie Right Cheek
Chelsea Ricketts Forehead
Peter Riegert Left Cheek
Alice Rietveld Left Cheek
Rob Riggle Center Forehead
Leon Rippy Left Cheek, Nose
Lazar Ristovski Left Cheek, Forehead
Eliza Roberts Left Cheek
Julia Roberts Right Eye
Sam Rockwell Right Cheek
Gerardo Rodriguez Chin, Left Cheek
Gina Rodriguez Both Cheeks, Upper Lip
Mel Rodriguez Left Cheek, Forehead
Seth Rogen Left Cheek
Graham Rogers Left Cheek
Helen Rogers Right Cheek
Will Rogers Left Cheek
Sasha Roiz Both Cheeks
Ray Romano Both Cheeks
Heather Roop Left Temple
Felissa Rose Chin, Upper Lip
Anna Ross Chin
Mick Rossi Left Cheek
Emmy Rossum Right Cheek, Right Jaw
Elysia Rotaru Left Cheek
Andrea Roth Right Jaw
Christina Rouner Chin
Ronda Rousey Left Cheek
Melissa Roxburgh Left Temple
Andre Royo Left Cheek
Saul Rubinek Left Cheek
Maya Rudolph Both Cheeks, Left Eyebrow, Nose
Keri Russell Upper Lip, Left Nostril
James Russo Right Cheek
Amy Ryan Right Cheek, Forehead
Winona Ryder Upper Lip
Juliet Rylance Both Cheeks
Brian Sacca Left Cheek, Nose
Katee Sackhoff Right Cheek, Right Eyebrow
William Sadler Forehead
Thomas Sadoski Right Eyelid
Jonathan Sadowski Lower Lip, Right Temple
Ivanna Sakhno Left Cheek, Right Temple
Eriq La Salle Left Cheek
Carollani Sandberg Left Cheek
Adam Sandler Left Cheek
Miguel Sandoval Right Cheek
Angela Sarafyan Upper Lip
Susan Sarandon Left Upper Lip
Will Sasso Right Cheek
Andrew Satee Right Cheek
Jacqueline Le Saunier Upper Lip
Andrea Savage Left Cheek, Left Temple
Jordan Savage Chin
Alex Sawyer Left Temple
Morgan Saylor Right Cheek, Left Temple
Christian Scheider Right Cheek
Noah Schnapp Upper Lip
Jessy Schram Right Cheek
Pablo Schreiber Lower Lip
Justin Schwan Left Cheek
Jason Schwartzman Right Cheek
Rusty Schwimmer Upper Lip
Carey Scott Left Cheek
Tom Scott Left Cheek
Kyra Sedgwick Left Cheek
Jason Segel Chin
Marc Senter Right Cheek, Chin
Chloe Sevigny Left Lower Eyelid
Brendan Sexton III Right Cheek
Adam Seybold Left Cheek
Lea Seydoux Chin
Amanda Seyfried Right Cheek
Riley Shanahan Left Cheek
Michael Shannon Both Cheeks, Forehead, Chin
Adam Shapiro Left Cheek
Timm Sharp Chin
Cosima Shaw Right Cheek
Vinessa Shaw Left Cheek
Alia Shawkat Right Cheek
Martin Sheen Upper Lip, Right Jaw
Tye Sheridan Chin, Left Jaw
Richard Shermer Lower Lip
Michelle Sherrill Nose, Chin
Blake Shields Right Cheek
Nickola Shreli Right Cheek, Chin
Drew Shugart Left Cheek
Kate Siegel Both Cheeks
Kelsey Siepser Left Cheek
Anna Silk Right Cheek
Cynthia Silver Chin
Jonathan Silverman Both Cheeks, Forehead
Diana Silvers Between Eyes
Alicia Silverstone Forehead
Stephanie Simbari Left Cheek, Chin
Gene Simmons Left Cheek
Jonathan Simmons Left Cheek
Ryan Simpkins Nose
Ty Simpkins Both Cheeks
Jimmi Simpson Left Cheek
Rocco Sisto Left Cheek
Tom Sizemore Left Cheek
Sofya Skya Chin
Kennedy Slocum Left Cheek
Amy Smart Right Cheek
Ayoola Smart Both Cheeks, Upper Lip
Jean Smart Chin
Dylan Smith Both Cheeks, Left Temple
Harley Smith Left Cheek
Hattie Smith Upper Lip, Chin
Cobie Smulders Forehead, Chin
Brittany Snow Left Cheek
Zachary Soetenga Right Cheek, Upper Lip, Forehead
Sarah Sokolovic Left Cheek
Kyle Soller Chin
Elena Solovey Lower Lip
Phyllis Somerville Center Forehead
Mira Sorvino Left Eyelid
Renee Soutendijk Left Cheek
David Spade Left Cheek
Morgan Spector Right Cheek
Marcus Spencer Forehead
Summer Spiro Left Cheek
Kristen Springer Left Cheek
Cole Sprouse Both Cheeks, Chin
Dylan Sprouse Upper Lip
Sam Spruell Left Cheek
Blake Stadel Left Cheek
Andy Stahl Right Cheek
Nick Stahl Right Cheek
Sylvester Stallone Below Right Eye
Jason Stanford Left Cheek
Harry Stanton Right Cheek, Forehead
Mike Starr Left Cheek
David Starzyk Left Jaw
Jason Statham Left Cheek
Cassie Steele Right Cheek
Andrea Stefancikova Upper Lip
Hailee Steinfeld Right Cheek, Left Jaw
Rob Steinhauser Right Cheek
Gavin Stenhouse Left Temple, Upper Lip, Chin
Josh Stewart Left Temple
Ryan Stiles Right Temple
Erik Stocklin Left Cheek
Dean Stockwell Left Cheek
Emma Stone Right Cheek
Jim Storm Left Cheek
Peter Stormare Left Cheek
James Stuart Center Forehead
Jim Sturgess Right Cheek
Kelcie Stranahan Left Cheek, Chin
Sarah Strange Left Cheek
Ethan Suplee Left Cheek
Mena Suvari Chin, Forehead
Barret Swatek Lower Lip
Hayden Szeto Upper Lip, Chin
Sophia Takal Left Cheek
Amber Tamblyn Left Cheek
Meagan Tandy Chin
Brent Tarnol Upper Lip
Catherine Tate Left Jaw
Channing Tatum Left Cheek
Darla Taylor Upper Lip
Eliza Taylor Left Upper Lip
Rachael Taylor Right Cheek
Robert Taylor Right Cheek
Andre Tenerelli Left Cheek, Right Temple, Chin
Olivia Thirlby Left Upper Lip, Forehead
Richard Thomas Left Cheek
Jody Thompson Left Cheek
Saige Thompson Both Cheeks
Susanna Thompson Right Cheek, Upper Lip
Billy Thornton Right Cheek, Forehead
Rachel Ticotin Right Upper Lip
Lucas Till Forehead
Christopher Titus Forehead
Richard Topol Left Cheek
Luis Tosar Both Cheeks
Michael Tourek Left Temple
Nancy Travis Right Upper Lip
Alan Tudyk Left Upper Lip
Sophie Turner Right Jaw, Right Eye, Left Cheek
Ana Ularu Right Eyebrow
Jenna Upton Upper Lip
Kate Upton Upper Lip
Karl Urban Right Cheek, Forehead
James Urbaniak Both Cheeks, Chin, Upper Lip
Andrea Vahl Both Cheeks
Jason Vail Left Cheek, Chin
Karine Vanasse Upper Lip
Vannessa Vasquez Right Cheek
Sofia Vassilieva Left Temple, Chin
Emmanuelle Vaugier Right Eye, Forehead, Chin
Alexa Vega Both Cheeks
Kate Vernon Right Cheek
Chelsea Vincent Both Cheeks, Chin
Sharni Vinson Left Nostril
Mikelle Virey Left Cheek
Stephanie Vogt Both Cheeks
Zac Waggener Left Cheek
Mark Wahlberg Both Cheeks, Left Jaw
Deborah Wakeham Left Lower Lip
Nikolaj Waldau Left Cheek
Ally Walker Right Cheek
Dreama Walker Chin
Kate Walsh Nose
Estella Warren Right Upper Lip
Mia Wasikowska Left Upper Lip
Jeremiah Watkins Both Cheeks, Left Jaw
Emily Watson Right Cheek
Fritz Weaver Both Cheeks
Victor Webster Left Cheek
Katie Wee Upper Lip
Brenda Wehle Left Cheek
Tracy Weiler Right Cheek, Right Temple
Tom Welling Right Cheek
Noel Wells Left Cheek
Hunter Wenzel Upper Lip
Lance Wertz Left Jaw
Celia Weston Upper Lip
Alice Wetterlund Right Cheek
Wil Wheaton Left Cheek
Shea Whigham Right Cheek
Ben Whishaw Both Cheeks
David White Left Cheek, Right Forehead
Jeremy White Right Cheek
Tuckie White Left Cheek
Mae Whitman Left Cheek, Right Jaw
Johnny Whitworth Right Cheek
Carrie Wiita Upper Lip
Claudia Wilkens Right Cheek
Fred Willard Forehead
Ashley Williams Upper Lip
Jessica Williams Upper Lip
Lia Williams Both Cheeks, Upper Lip
Wade Williams Left Cheek
Rumer Willis Right Cheek
Casey Wilson Nose
Patrick Wilson Left Cheek, Right Jaw
Rainn Wilson Left Lower Lip
Regen Wilson Left Cheek
Sheree Wilson Left Cheek, Chin
Kate Winslet Right Cheek, Upper Lip
Mary Winstead Right Cheek
Ray Winstone Left Cheek, Forehead
Robert Wisdom Both Cheeks
Tom Wisdom Left Cheek
Mary Wiseman Forehead
Finn Wittrock Chin, Left Temple
Rachel Wixom Center Forehead
Collette Wolfe Right Cheek
Alex Wolff Upper Lip
Nat Wolff Chin
Deborah Woll Right Upper Lip, Left Cheek
Alison Wright Right Cheek, Chin
Gunner Wright Left Cheek
Steven Wright Left Cheek
Constance Wu Chin
Teri Wyble Right Cheek
Michael Xavier Both Cheeks, Forehead
Hudson Yang Left Nostril
Clyde Yasuhara Right Cheek
Yvette Yates Left Lower Lip
John York Upper Lip
Heather Young Upper Lip
Necar Zadegan Upper Lip
Natalie Zea Upper Lip
Kevin Zegers Between Eyes
Zhu Zhu Upper Lip
Constance Zimmer Right Cheek
Meredith Zinner Left Jaw
Jose Zuniga Both Cheeks